The Love List

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The Love List by Les and Leslie Parrott, Leslie L. Parrott
Includes insert with peel-off, his-and-hers “Clings” listing the eight items of The Love List.
This little book will make a big impact on your marriage. Start right away applying its hands-on concepts. You'll immediately increase intimacy, gain new direction, enjoy more laughter, and much more.
You'll love how The Love List unites purposefulness and spontaneity. "A few small actions—practiced on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis—can change everything for a couple," say relationship experts Les and Leslie Parrott. "Little, deliberate behaviors quietly lavish love on a marriage."
Drawing on their professional insights into successful couples and sharing candidly from their own marriage, the Parrotts give you eight simple-but-powerful, instantly usable principles that will lift your marriage out of the doldrums into everything you've wanted it to be. Plus, it's also fun! Especially when you start seeing noticeable results right away.
Discover the importance of tender touch. The bonding power of a clean slate. The secret to building your partner's self-esteem. The key to putting the sizzle back in sex. The Love List isn't so much a to-do list as it is a map for your journey together—one that takes you down the most scenic roads toward meaningful, joyous love and a truly fulfilling marriage. Keep this book handy—and get started today!
The Love List
Once a Day . . .
·Take Time to Touch (If Only for a Minute)
·Find Something That Makes You Both Laugh
Once a Week . . .
·Do Something Active That Lifts Your Spirits
·Boost Your Partner’s Self-Esteem
Once a Month . . .
·Rid Yourselves of Harmful Residue
·Fire Up Passion in the Bedroom
Once a Year
·Review Your Top-Ten Highlights
·Chart Your Course for the Coming Year

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