Compliance Packaging 

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Our compliance packaging helps increase medication adherence to patients. Medication is provided in dose-blisters appropriate for the patient’s need, with specific time marks to help them track their medication intake.

This type of packaging has increased the stability of the patient in their medication through personalized drug combination packs. Never miss any treatment, be reminded with our compliance packaging service.

To know more about this service, just call us at 760-245-3518 / 760-245-2878.


Single Card Packaging

Single Card Packaging is a safe way to manage medications separately. Each medication is packaged individually allowing safety and compliance for each individual medications. With single dose packaging, all of your medications are labeled with the medication name and directions.


Bubble (Blister Pack) Packs

“Bubble” packs (blister packaging)  provides up to a month's supply of a prescription medication. The bubbles can hold one or multiple tablets or capsules. 


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Roll / Box Packaging

Our Roll / Boxed packaging takes all of your current medications and sorts them into an individually wrapped package based on the time, date and dosage prescribed by your medical physician. The Roll packaging solutions helps assit you to take the right medication at the right time. Imporoving adherence reduces hospital readmission. The packaging can include over-the-counter medications, and reminders for larger medical treatments that do not fit into smaller packaging.

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